Depraved Murder - Unethical Terrestrial Collapse

Depraved Murder’s newest offering, “Unethical Terrestrial Collapse”, was an intense and sufficient aural thrashing unlike any other. I really dig these brutal death metal albums that start off with ambient/ethereal type intros and then, without warning, kick things into full-gear straight through until the end. It’s like a direct kick to the nuts, and this duo doesn’t fuck around! The first thing that caught my attention was the apparent grindcore vibe throughout the entire release. It really amplifies the delivery and effect of the songs. It helps the material take root and gives it a little more meaning musically. In other words, when you hear this album, it’s kind of hard to say that it’s just another brutal death metal band. This is a thick and meaty album and it’s not just in the timing or rhythm of the instruments. The lyrical content matches the music in intensity and ferocity which leaves this release lacking nothing. Another awesome thing about this release is the Cannibal Corpse ("Tomb Of The Mutilated" era) inspired riff at the beginning of the track 'False Adoration'. The riffage on this track is insanely good and I would consider this one of the best songs on the album. In fact, I would say that the riffage is one of the strong points on this release. It’s like cutting through flesh on the arm with a razor-sharp knife, but when you come to a stubborn tendon, you just grab the limb and proceed to rip it from the socket tearing tendons and all! It’s a sickeningly awesome sound and delivery, and a sustainable aspect of the album throughout each track.

Ogy handles guitar, bass, and vocal duties and he does equally well on bass and vocals as he does on guitar. Ogy’s vocals are intense, agonizing, and a well-chosen pattern for this material. There is a total plus here in that you can actually follow along with the lyrics which are included in the booklet. I am big on reading lyrics when they are included, and it’s even better when I can follow along while listening to the CD. So, bonus points to Ogy for such a strong vocal delivery! Rama Maulana handles drum duties, and I must say that this album is pure blast beat heaven! It works so well for this release. It’s not a constant, but it is more than what you would find in your typical brutal death metal release. This is a “complete” and strong album both musically and vocally, and it will appeal to most fans of the genre.

Depraved Murder is a band that throws caution to the wind and goes all out, but that’s because they have the skills and knowledge to do so. They are proficient enough in the art of brutal death metal to know what will work and what wont. This album is a shining example of that and proof of their talent and skill. Contact the band or Comatose Music for info on this release. I have a feeling this one is going to get a lot of play time!

5 /5 STARS

1. Entering Into Calamity
2. The Anguish Of Dystopian
3. False Adoration
4. Mass Murder Existence
5. Unmanifest Void
6. The Pinnacle Of Vile Conceit
7. Relentless Brutality
8. Unethical Terrestrial Collapse
9. Apocryphal Hymns