Desecrate The Faith - III

Simply titled “III”, Desecrate The Faith’s newest offering hits hard with exceptional brutality and a deep trudging madness that’s sure to please even the most sophisticated fan of brutal death metal. Most surprising of all is the stripped-down approach and raw delivery that you typically do not hear from bands playing this genre of music. The riffage here is reminiscent of old school death metal, but with a more modern delivery in that a technical element is added to the basic format of these songs. The delivery of such an approach really hits the mark and you can feel each chord down to the bone. The same blueprint is followed with the drum work as well. The drums seem to have a technical approach all the way through this release, and when you combine both elements together, the result is a monstrous concoction that will totally annihilate your aural cavities and melt your fucking face off!

This CD kind of renewed things for me. It was like hearing death metal for the first time again. When you listen to a lot of death metal and all of its sub-genres, a great deal of it starts to blend and you begin to wonder if there is anything out there that will stand out. The answer to that question is Desecrate The Faith’s “III”. True, at the end of the day it’s just another death metal album, but it stands out in its construction and presentation and will definitely leave its mark in your mind; especially when you add in the final elements of the bass and vocals.

There are bands who put out good albums, then there are bands who put out great art. Desecrate The Faith is of the latter. Any band can throw riffs and blast beats together and call it music, but when you start to add direction and meaning to what you are doing, I firmly believe it becomes art at that point. Also, there are bands who play in an almost reserved fashion, almost controlled. No need to worry about that here. Desecrate The Faith go all out sparing nothing including their passion for this genre; and it shows from start to finish. You can rest assured that you are getting your “metal’s worth” here.

I would or could be content with the band’s current sound but, from listening to this recent release, you can tell they have so much more to show us and even more to bring to the world of death metal. I will be looking forward to each and every part of it! Contact the band or Comatose Music for more info on this release. Keep your eye on these guys!

5 / 5 STARS

1. Idle Creatures
2. Blood Scriptures
3. Wretched Feast
4. Sadistic Euphoria
5. Upon A Slaughtered Clergy
6. This Butchered Earth
7. Impulsive Mutilation
8. Vile Of Legion
9. The Dead Testament
10. Omnes Ardeat