Echelon - Open Wide The Adamantine Gates

Echelon are one of the thousands bands of the Swedish mastermind Rogga Johansson. Here he is supported by the drummer Brynjar (Crypticus, Massacre, God Forsaken), bassist Johan Berglund (The Skeletal, Stass) and none other but the Benediction vocalist Dave Ingram. 

"Open Wide The Adamantine Gates" offers nine tracks (and one outro) of old-school death metal made by true professionals. 'Undefiled Wisdom' starts the album with a mid-tempo rhythm and heavy guitar riffs. 'Soul Dealer' is faster headbanger with a curious 'Love U' statement at the end of the song. 

'Of Witches And Wenches' reminds of the old Benediction and has some blast beats incorporated in the otherwise straightforward tempo. 'Into The Trapezoid' has an old-school Swedish death metal vibe reminding of At The Gates while 'Diaboli Vindictam' has some black metal feeling.

So you have the variety of extreme metal styles in this record. The sound production is on a good level and the cover artwork is remarkable. I am a fan of all Dave Ingram projects and Echelon are not an exception. If you like high quality death metal then check this one out!

5 / 5 STARS

1. Undefiled Wisdom
2. Open Wide The Adamantine Gates
3. Soul Dealer
4. Of Witches And Wenches
5. The Sins Of The Sycophants
6. Into The Trapezoid
7. In The Flesh
8. Diaboli Vindictam
9. Leviathan
10. Temporal Closure