Einvigi - Yö Kulje Kanssani

For once, I am going to review a post black metal and rock album or from another style? In fact we get lost in the musical classification as the influences take you to folk, black, psychedelic and rock. Only one thing remains certain is that we are staying in the land of the 1000 lakes or Finland for the uninitiated. 

Einvigi, since it is about them, is on their second LP, and as usual for connoisseurs, we put the disc on and we stop dreaming and only shake our heads after 40 minutes of pleasure. The album called "Yö Kulje Kanssani" is an invitation, an ode to let go, to let yourself be penetrated by very positive waves. At the beginning, not convinced when I listened it for the first time I said to myself "junky music one more time". However, I did not want to stay on this negative impression and went back into it one evening, and instead of putting my ears to it I put the whole head and the whole body, soul included! No regrets so much the finished product speaks to me.

Nevertheless, this album will sound strange to many and will be placed in the exotic category by diehard metalheads, going too far off the beaten track and traditional clichés. To better penetrate the musical universe, one must not simply listen but take the full measure of the different compositions and immerse oneself in them, dive deeply in order to extract the substantial marrow and appreciate this dish which will leave a good taste in the mouthfeel, very different from what you used to have. It is sometimes confusing, surprising but never boring, a real invitation to travel not with flying pink elephants but a musical visit full of surprises.

As usual, with Finnish musicians, everything is meticulous and they know how to exploit their instruments marvelously without denying all that modern techniques offer in order to produce an accomplished disc in terms of orchestrations and sound. There is nothing to throw away!

You have the right not to be won over, but your humble servant is and can assure you that from the top of his almost six decades, it is very good to see all the forms that the different currents of our favorite musical art can take. To tell you that this album is a complete success and that it conquered me. So yes, I can already see the detractors coming forward and crying foul, but we are entitled to have favorites, am I wrong?

So this album only needs to be eaten, like an excellent dessert. All the songs have the merit of developing their own musical lines. Even if the sad spirits will find fault with the style: "it looks like this, and then this, and again this". Nevermind really! It is clear that the alchemy works very well, that the essential ingredients are well dosed and that the result is very pleasant.

You cannot detach the songs from each other, it is the whole album that deserves to be quoted.

Really, really do not miss this album if you want to think outside the box. You will not deny metal music and you will open up to other flavors and horizons.

4 / 5 STARS

1. Meren Otteessa
2. Yö Kulje Kanssani
3. De Profundis
4. Veresi
5. Takauma
6. Kaunis On Maa
7. Hirviöiden Valtakunnassa