Exhumed - To The Dead

This is one helluv an album! In my opinion, better than their previous "Death Revenge" that I have. I have yet to hear "Horror" or their previous earlier material which was in the goregrind genre. This one is fierce and ferocious! Two vocal trade-offs, guitars with sick riffing and a dominating production be it that they're on Relapse nowadays! This album has balls-out intensity. The riffs are full of endless atrocity to your eardrums! Totally their aim on here it wasn't just mind-boggling it was crushing! I enjoyed this the first time I got it then I had to get the physical CD sort of my way to support the band!

The leads were pretty good on here, too! All together this was or is my favorite Exhumed release. I only have heard bits and pieces of their early work which I didn't care much for. But "To The Dead" is my absolute favorite Exhumed album to date. There are no flaws here on this album, it's got so many highlights I'm just glad that I heard about it. Just buy coincidence through a mutual friend I thought I'd check it out. BOOM! I was in I was totally in! These guys know what they're doing in terms of the concept of this release. Never into the lyrics, there are some songs with strange names to them.

I'm just going by what I've heard on here not so much their writing concepts. The tempos are all changing but not that drastically. Fresh riffs for every song! I like the vocal trade offs it made it more brutal and gave more variety. There are blast beats on here but they still fall under the death metal genre. No more goregrind. That is a thing of the past with them. They're diversifying in terms of sounds they're killing it with their death metal riffs and burly vocals. Totally underground mania! I'd have to applaud the band for such an outstanding performance all almost 40 minutes of this release.

Their album 'Death Revenger' I thought was OK. I never really got into them until I heard this. It blew my eardrums upon first listening to. The production quality was sick everything seemed to fit in perfectly. I'm not taking any points off from this one because I believe it's one death metal album that's tops for 2022. I hope this reaches plenty of fans of the band or death metal in general. It is available for streaming but I went further and made a purchase (like I said earlier). This one goes down as one of my favorite death metal releases for Exhumed in the death metal genre. Check it!

4.5 / 5 STARS

1. Putrescine And Cadaverine
2. Drained Of Color
3. Carbonized
4. Rank And Defiled
5. Lurid, Shocking, And Vile
6. Undertaking The Overkilled
7. Necrotica
8. No Headstone Unturned
9. Defecated
10. Disgusted