Feastem & Insistent - Split

The two grindcore bands Feastem and insistent have released a split album, each band with a particular style of playing grindcore.

First we have the Finnish veterans Feastem active since 2005 with several albums and splits in their career, with a more explosive style, With a more punk air in their sound, they present four cuts plus two covers, one from Discharge and another from Napalm Death, 'Unending Junction' is the first track, after a small intro, a discharge of energy and hatred begins without rest and without leaving even a second of rest, the next 'Shells' begins to continue with the brutal assault, all the strength of the live show is captured in this split in an impressive way, 'Disinformation Jesus' like the previous there is no rest for mortals, 'Autius' a minute of destruction, and after these, it comes the cover of Discharge 'The Possibility Of Life´s Destruction' like the previous a minute of insane grind madness, of course with the touch of Feastem turning it in grindcore tune, to close the part of the finnish team 'Silende Is Deafening' from Napalm Death, a cover full of insane riffing and brutality with that part in the end with that absolute Napalm death style groove.

Now it is time for Insistent, the Czech band was born in Prague in 2017 and they have a couple of albums under their belt and some splits. Their style is different, some parts closer to death metal than the finnishs, although they do not miss the opportunity to discharge a good dose of grindcore in their tracks. In this case they present seven tests of brutality, with the ingredients for a hit of energy and good riffs, intense, without respite or time to assimilate the massacre, the tracks are: 'Ambush', 'Sickness', 'Furious', 'Overseer', 'Disgust', 'Separation' and 'Oppressor', all short and concise titles, without hesitation. To conclude I will say that it is a very good example of grindcore, with an intensity beyond doubt, imagine this live, it has to be devastating, it is totally suitable for lovers of this style of extreme music.

4,5 / 5 STARS

1. Unending Slaughter
2. Shells
3. Disinformation Jesus
4. Autius
5. The Possibility of Life's Destruction (Discharge cover)
6. Silence is Deafening (Napalm Death cover)

7. Ambush
8. Sickness
9. Furious
10. Overseer
11. Disgust
12. Separation
13. Oppressor