Grimentity - DSM-5, The New Chapter

Grimentity comes from Belarus and "DSM-5, The New Chapter" is their debut full-length album. The band offers eleven short and sweet tracks (the longest one is 02:56 minutes) of furious death/grind. 

Misery Index was the first band that came to my mind when I heard the opening track 'Searching The Perfect Shade'. The four guys in Grimentity (Roman Drobishevski on drums, Pavel Lapkouski on guitars/vocals, Nikita Metelsky on bass/vocals and the frontman Ilia Baradulich) are experienced musicians and have managed to create powerful tracks with lots of heavy guitar riffs and blasting drumming. Since three of the members are also making vocals, there is a variety of growling/screaming throughout the whole album.

There are some mid-tempo songs but as a whole the rhythm is blasting and straightforward. Grimentity doesn't offer anything new to the table but I guess this is not their goal at all. In case you are into the death/grind of bands such as Misery Index or Mastic Scum then this band from Belarus deserves your attention! 

3 / 5 STARS

1. Searching The Perfect Shade
2. The Power Of Broken
3. Blinded By The Majesty Of Own Mind
4. Healing With Fury
5. Psilocybin Recombination
6. Faith Imitation
7. A Sense Of The Breath Of A Flame
8. Crimson Tones Dreams
9. Individual Perception Of Psychoanalysis
10. The Supreme Form Of Evolution
11. DSM​-​5. The New Chapter

Self released
Reviewer: Tsvetan
May 25, 2022

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