Heaving Earth - Darkness Of God

Heaving Earth, at least for the writer, are one of the few extreme bands that have made consistency their daily modus operandi. Regardless of the fashions or the commercialization that some strands of death metal are going through in recent years, Heaving Earth continue to propose themselves with their personal music. Innovative, acrobatic, visionary, eclectic, experimental but faithful to their way of thinking and seeing their thoughts expressed in music. 

After 7 long years from the acclaimed "Denouncing The Holy Throne" here they are reappearing like a bolt from the blue with this brand new "Darkness Of God". 50 long minutes that will accompany you in the visionary world of Heaving Earth, a band capable of presenting articulated and multi-genre songs lasting 6/7 minutes. Technical, atmospheric, edgy textures built with countless riffs to test our conception of extreme metal. 'Crossing The Great Divide' and 'Apologetics' will test your ability to understand and appreciate this form of death metal tinged with sprint and tons of technical riffs. Incredible how much these guys are able to build and embed their ideas in music by enclosing all their knowledge in each track.

Moving towards the middle of the album Heaving Earth pushes on speed and with 'Forever Deceiving Dismal Gods' they release one of the most violent and direct songs of this work. technicalities and virtuosity are put in the foreground and a telluric rhythm section keeps pace to give body to the whole. With 'Cardinal Sin' we return to the most bloody labyrinth of musical dissonance. Spectacular album to listen to over and over again. Let yourself be enchanted by this band, guys with absolute mastery of their instruments who have deliberately decided to do it their way by hitting, in my opinion, the target. Heaving Earth, the natural evolution of the concept of extreme music.

4.5 / 5 STARS

1. Violent Gospels (Ordination Of The Holy Trinity)
2. Crossing The Great Divide (Prayer To A Crumbling Shrine)
3. Apologetics (Of Failure And Fall)
4. Forever Deceiving Dismal Gods
5. Cardinal Sin
6. The Lord’s Lamentations
7. Earthly Kingdom Of God In Ruins
8. Flesh-Ridden Providence
9. Woeful Redemption