Horrible - Filth

Horrible is a relatively new project that started in 2019 with Pro-Pain member Jonas Sanders on drums and Olivier Dris from Resistance on guitar. Wanted to expand their group, this Belgium band branched out to other members of Resistance in 2022 like bassist Ben Sizaire, guitarist Sven of Killthelogo/cylcus, and vocalist Deha of Herzog. Each individual brings traces of their other works with them, and one can hear it in the riffs and vocal style for sure. Now in 2024 we have their debut album. While they are classified as a style of Deathcore, Horrible is more of a hybrid of Groove Metal meets Deathcore, trying to avoid the typical mosh heavy likes of Whitechapel or the progressive crooning of the likes of Enterprise Earth. Indeed, when one hears the works of their debut “Filth” it sounds almost more like a cross between Skinlab meets older Carnifex (minus the Black Metal elements). It is a bit of an interesting mix and fans may not be sure how they sit with it, but at least expect it to be something out of the ordinary. While not a haphazard, indecisive mess, “Filth” is not meant to be a clean strike at any genre completely in particular.

Tracks like ‘Horrible’ and ‘Blood Maniac’ have a certain level of groove to them and almost technical churn that sound a bit like mid 2000s Decapitated with the way the guitars play off each other. And then there a typical chug heavy riffs that are a repetitive, but catchy at the same time. Vocals are a bit all over the place, opting for the typical Deathcore grunts to Hardcore shouts and Groove Metal semi cleans, letting the drums shatter their way through everything. Expect these tracks to be chugging, enjoyable, and almost stop and go sometimes with the longer breakdowns that border Slam. It goes to show that Horrible to know how incite a frenzy and then instantly switch things up to a 2 step mosh. Other tracks like ‘You Can’t Say No’ are pretty out of Deathcore’s comfort zone as the band goes for almost a Nu-Metal border approach with the vocals and riffs. It is a bit slower than the other tracks as it chugs along with the almost ‘alarm sounding’ noises, but again this shows the band’s willingness to step out of a genre confines and shoot for something new, even if it doesn’t really fit with the rest of the album. ‘We’ll Rise’ is closer to Groove Metal than anything and the chorus is almost melodic, until the death growls and heavier breakdowns come in near the end to step things up before sifting back to the more mid paced chug like the rest of the track. The bass buzzes along in the background with the percussive slam of the drums, but despite good production it does tend to get lost in the mix.

The only downside is this album is short. Barely clocking 22 minutes it feels more like a Slam/ Grindcore timed effort held up by a few fillers that do not really do much to beef out Horrible’s sound, but if expanded upon could have made the album a more ‘fuller’ release. ‘Dawn’ is a moody atmospheric piece that borders Industrial, and the band could have taken it further by mixing it in with the Deathcore Groove style, but miss the opportunity. ‘Despicable’ is another moody ambient piece that carries on longer than it should, and could have incorporated some more guitar, drum, and bass work to serve as a more engaging instrumental, but compared to the engaging ride presented so far, it comes off a little flat before jumping into the closing track. Overall, the tracks are engaging through aside from the fillers, but this album won’t be for genre purists. Deathcore fans will feel it doesn’t slam hard enough and Groove fans might feel it is a little all over the place. However, despite the manic moments, “Filth” is a fun ride that spits in the face of conventional while trying to carve out their own niche. It’s hard to say if one will love or hate the album, but many will certainly like it in the end for its twists and turns and genre blending.

3.5 / 5 STARS

1. Horrible
2. Allies Of Satan
3. Filth
4. A Thousand Souls
5. Dawn
6. We’ll Rise
7. Blood Maniac
8. Despicable
9. You Can’t Say No

Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Mar 26, 2024

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