Inferia - Grind Cumpaign

Inferia come from Lahti, Finland and are true veterans on the extreme metal scene - the band was created in 1989! They have seven full-length albums in their history (some of them with remarkable titles like "Fucking Is A Great Way To Get To Know New People" and "Grind Cumpaign" is their latest offering. 

Prepare yourselves for 22 audio grenades of relentless grindcore. Kalle Lindfors destroys his drumkit with machine-gun blast beats while Tatu Hamalainen on bass and Esko Tikkala on guitars provide a thick wall of crushing riffs. On top of all that are the deep grunts of Hude Huttunen. 

Inferia have good grindcore sense of humour too - just check out titles like 'She Was Asskissing For It' or 'Mick Shagger'. The sound is on a very good level and the music is played with plenty of aggression and precision at the same time. 

All the ingredients for a good old grindcore fun are here. If you consider yourself a grindcore fan then "Grind Cumpaign" is a must hear!

5 / 5 STARS

1. Every Hole Dripping
2. Anally Yours
3. One Tit Wonder
4. Fuckathon
5. Anti-Sexicon
6. Skin To Skin Cuntact
7. She Was Asskissing For It
8. Mick Shagger
9. Frozen Clit
10. Remove The Hair Of The Heretics
11. Philharmonia Orgasmtra
12. Against Infibulation
13. Stains
14. Working Ass Hero
15. Fucked With No Vaseline
16. Mazophallate
17. I Give Her An Orgasm She Can't Refuse
18. Carnal Knowledge
19. Self Enema
20. Full Metal Shagged
21. (C)Untitled
22. Natio(A)Nal Erection Day