Inhuman Depravity - The Experimendead

I don't know the Turkish metal scene very well, but the few that I got to know and listen to (some even seen live) I have always appreciated and still continue to follow them as a true enthusiast. These Inhuman Depravity are no exception, who with the new "The Experimendead" really take a leap forward and put themselves in the list to become a respectable band.

Released for Gruesome Records, their new album unwinds by referring to the old (and great) classics of the past while properly learning the lessons dictated by bands like Sinister, Sepsism and early Severe Torture.

After the release of the first full length, "Nocturnal Carnage" by the Unholy Desecrator, in 2015 a certain Lucy Ferra arrives as vocalist who in this work puts on paper a great lesson of how to sing in death metal.

"The Experimendead" is articulated along its 34 minutes in 8 devastating songs. In the foreground certainly an excellent songwriting and a truly impressive performance by Lucy behind the microphone. No pauses or intervals and already from the opener 'Obsessed With The Mummified' we start at full speed in a whirling ride destined to reap as many victims as possible. Good work of all the instruments as a whole and a result that is in any case discreet and never repetitive.

Definitely a great album. We hope to see them live at some festivals soon. Support!

3.5 / 5 STARS

1. Obsessed With The Mummified
2. Mescannibalismus
3. Burnt To Exist
4. Whole Body Radiation
5. As I Tell You To Kill So
6. Death 22
7. Ex Nihilo Transition
8. Beyond Rhythm Zero