Internal Organs External - The Brutality Of Tomorrow

Internal Organs External is a one-man band inside the slamming brutal death metal style that was born in 2020 in Prescott, Arizona, USA by the mind and hands of Vince Otero. This is the second album of the project and it is a cosmic slamming gore travel in a sci-fi dark apocalypse, "The Brutality Of Tomorrow" was released by Vicious Instinct Records, on september 2022, previously had first album "Into The Depths" (2020) and the EP "Apocalyptic Abomination" (2021), mixed and mastered by Miguel Tereso of Demigod Recordings, and album cover is the work of Armaada Art.

Already in the first moments of the album we see that there are influences of current sounds, in addition to including robotic sounds, this work is like space horror videogames, an incursion into space, while your organs decompose and you must fight against a foreign being that he's going to hunt you down.

An interesting aspect within this project is the variety of voices, within the little margin that the style allows, of course the main one is the guttural voice, agonizing screams, and there are some collaborations on several songs like Zachariah Jackson in 'Propagating The Execution', Claiton Meade in 'Oil Embalmment' and Larry Wang in 'Entombed In Concrete'. Another important point is that all the work has been done by friend Vince, all the instruments, the concept, and it must be said that in a more than successful way.

The sound of the album is also a point in favor, everything can be heard and appreciated, and above all there is a great load of bass sounds that gives power to the mix, of course, it is the sound that is expected from this style, and as such the parts go from slow and heavy to fast rides full of blast beats massacring all that has been left standing after the passage of heavy slamming brutal death metal.

This may not be the typical brutal slamming death metal album, it has several details that set it apart, the only member was away from hearing slam for a while to have a fresh mind when composing, although without ever leaving the style, sounds heavy, fast parts, crushing parts, some technical details, brutal drums, inhuman voices, without a doubt it is for lovers of the most extreme sounds, everything is correct, cover, logo, current style. Get it.

4 / 5 STARS

1. Propagating The Execution
2. Cybernetic Rebirth
3. Visceral Desolation
4. Callous Psyche
5. Oil Embalmment
6. Soaked In Obliteration
7. Proximity Of Bone
8. Entombed In Concrete
9. Articulated Sycophant
10. Flesh Of The Ghost