Intestinal Laceration - Chaotic Eschatological Madness

The upcoming debut album "Chaotic Eschatological Madness" from peruvian Intestinal Laceration is out since May 21th, seven years after their EP "Species Of Putrid Minds". Intestinal Laceration  was formed in Lima, Peru, in 2009, and form the beginning they have been a sample of slam brutal death metal, with a personal touch, terrifying vocalist, blast and gravity beats, a massive killing machine.

The new album is released with the support of the label Gore House Productions. Over time they have had some changes in the line up, and now is formed by Nestor Insano - guitars and bass, Eduardo Vilchez – vocals and Joe Hoyle – drums. And  in the video 'Oniric Experience' there is a man with the bass, I don´t know if he is a member or session member. 

'Eternal Cosmic Darkness' is an instrumental intro as warm up of what is going to happen in few moments, a march of cosmic zombies towards you. The massacre begins, 'Embryonic Mutation Of Baalcetrorus', you can listen to their skills with instruments, and the deep vocals, in general there is no much room of manaeuver in slam brutal death metal, but Intestinal Laceration has some surpises in these tracks.  Riffs have been worked and studied, from the most crushing to the most technical and intricate. Sometimes slamming brutal death is a collection of primitive chords, here you can listen to many riffs, and rhythms changes, from slow and rotten to twisted and gravity apocalypse. Lyrics are about esotericism, cosmic terror with a personal vision.

To close this album, the last track is an instrumental and acoustic song, very good inspired 'Relic Of Chaos', here you realize they are not chord shooters, here there are good musicians.

This band is called to have a permanent place in the top of brutal death metal, all ingredients to get it are here.

Artwork by Andreas Christanetoff of Armaada Art (Kraanium, Acranius, Abominable Putridity), very good taste in the art, the production is sharp, all instruments sound clear. It was mixed/mastered by Indra Cahya of BSA Productions (Gerogot, Anthropophagus Depravity, Raw).

4 / 5 STARS

1. Eternal Cosmic Darkness
2. Embryonic Mutation Of Baalcetrorus
3. Time Regeneration
4. Oniric Experience
5. Return To Saturn
6. Eruption
7. Abyss Of Atrocities
8. Sacrificial Retribution
9. Relic Of Chaos