Malfested - Unethical Creations

Well, well, a nugget to review! At least that is what I said to myself on the first listen. Let us move on to the neighbouring country and take a tour of Belgium to see how the country is evolving in terms of metal music. It has long been considered the poor relation or the belated little brother of its big French neighbour. And there is a good find in the presence of the band Malfested, from Kortrijk who two years after their EP "Shallow Graves" (read the review here) return to us with "Unethical Creations". New EP but which is well worth an LP so much quality and enthusiasm are present (it changes us from the old pachyderms installed but often tired).

Belgium takes us out of such bands at the rate of 1 or 2 per decade which are really worth moving, supporting them, and listening to them!!!! After just two full listens, I am won over! That says it all from someone quite difficult as my boss told me on the webzine, lol!

It is good, it is edgy, well built with passion, rage but also with removed musical guidelines. Finally something that rings in my usually melodic death metal stuffed ears in a very fair and appropriate way. There I am ready to headbang, to become crazy in the a pit, to make some walls of death, finally clear to burst my ears and my brain to the sound of this very addictive music.

Yes, the fellows are not post-pubescent teenagers but rather accomplished musicians, able to curb their ardor by sometimes slowing down the tempo in certain passages in order to restart better ..... fully! It is certainly technically what appeals to me the most and gives a particular relief to each of the compositions.

No weak points, no weak times, it ensures and it sends at all levels!

So guys, no blabbering, it is not worth adding more! IMMEDIATELY jump on this piece of bravery, get this album, and make the decibels roar, convert all your neighbours to Death Metal! You have the holy music to make it happen. Your neighbour is pissing you off? He is aggressive with you? Become a real beast by throwing Malfested at him day and night, do not show pity, this record is not made for the weak, stupids, idiots of all kinds, it distills and instills the good vibrations with very surprising melodic passages.

So we do not do half measures, Malfested has set the bar high for this album which should and must delight all death metal fans: aggressive guitars, catchy riffs, screaming or growling voices, all the ingredients are there. It is an excellent compromise for fans of death metal, old school, Melodic.

This fucking album is a killer, a pure diamond in the rough! This whole album is amazing. It is so good that I am leaving immediately to flood my city under the decibels!!!

5 / 5 STARS

1. By Hateful Design
2. Unethical Creations
3. The Abhorrent Arise
4. Scorched Earth
5. Last Light Of A Dying Ember