Molder - Engrossed In Decay

Not a bad follow-up, just somewhat of an average release. But it's good live Molder that totally packs a punch. Definitely death/thrash a lot of their guitar riffs are pretty well done out. And original! The tempos for the songs vary accordingly. The vocals are pretty unique, they sound a little bit like on Exhumed's "Death Revenge". The band might call me out on that but there is a resemblance. The music quality is average and the tone of the guitars are mediocre. I'm sure they'll advance with each succeeding release. They certainly have since their older material. They're touring with good bands at least (Autopsy, Cardiac Arrest and Bones). 

The album is about 45 minutes but is tight the whole way through. I just dislike the quality of the production. But they'll get better. I'm sure of it! They have a unique songwriting capacity and the guitars go well with the music. The thrash elements go with the guitar/vocals and the death metal is a tinge of that quality. They're a unique style band which I foresee getting better as they progress. I'm glad I picked this up and the live sound is superb. They played an outstanding set at Reggie's in Chicago 10/29/22. It made me appreciate their music much more than what's simply on the studio album. I bought the CD!

There are some blast beats that go along with the riffs but not a whole lot. The vocals augment the death metal genre's sound and the riffs are a good blend of death/thrash. It's pretty unique in that respect. I don't know a lot of bands that fit the genres of death/thrash. But it is unique and creative. These guys know how to kick ass! Good musicianship as well! I can't wait to hear more newer stuff from them in the years that follow this. And that they have a long life in them if they stay on this path. Seeing them live I thought "hmm, sounds better than what's on the album release." It sure did!

I encourage metal fans to check out Molder's latest, not their previous. And see how you like it. It's not at all generic. I think the sound quality just could've been a lot better a lot worse! But hey, this is a newer band, so cut them some slack! They're going to get more mature as they progress. They're touring with legitimate bands for a reason! They have enormous potential. And this LP is an example of their maturing. It's available on streaming but show the band some support and buy the CD. You won't be disappointed! This band puts on one helluv a show, check them out if you can!

4 / 5 STARS

1. Glutinous Remains
2. Engrossed In Decay
3. Relentless Pestilence
4. Chemically Dissolved
5. Disinhumed Carcass Revived
6. Huff The Stench
7. Unsubstantial Hallucinations
8. Ghastly Mutation
9. Decomposed Embryos
10. Cask Of Maggots