Nar - Pejabat Bangsat

Very little is known about the recent surfacing of Indonesian Death Metal band Nar. They don’t list their members and have only a few EPs under their belt since 2023, but despite only short tidbits of what they’ve given, expect it to be very brutal. The sounds is fast, aggressive, and guttural, and will appeal of fans of anything from the legendary Dying Fetus to Slam crushers like Abominable Putridity. “Pejabat Bangsat” is the 2nd EP to come forth and the first on the label Nekrassious Tapes. Right off the bat it hits hard. The title track features guttural Dying Fetus styled barks with drumming that rivals Cryptopsy (it goes so fast that it almost sounds like a drum machine versus a person) with fuzzy churning riffs and overall a mix of Immolation old school with a bit of modern Cannibal Corpse groove. The next track hits in the same manner; one thing listeners will notice is the drums seem to take priority as they tend overshadow everything else, but that just makes these guys all the more noisy and attention grabbing.

The only downside to this EP, like the last one, is that is incredibly short. Less than 10 minutes doesn’t exactly showcase fully what these guys can do, but at least every track isn’t quite a full blown Grindcore crusher. There are 2 repeat tracks from the last EP here so there isn’t really anything new for those who have been following these guys since the beginning Nar shows its slower side with ‘PPKM’ which has more groove and lets the guitars shine a bit more before things speed up. The vocals stay consistent throughout the album but like previous Blood Red Throne albums it is a bit one sided and be monotonous at times. Still, they are ferocious and work with the overall music. Fans should expect a lot more guttural, crushing riffs in 2024 from these guys and hopefully a full length album. Expect basic, but crushing Death Metal! No frills just extremes!

3 / 5 STARS

1. Pejabat Bangsat
2. Pasukan Kresek Hitam
4. Corona