Neuropsy - Vivisection Of The Demented

New EP for the Portuguese Neuropsy, a very prolific death metal band from the compositional point of view that comes with this "Vivisection Of The Demented" to their second EP after the debut "Plagues Ov Egypt" in 2017. Neuropsy also have assets a full lenght released promptly the following year (2018) entitled "Surpassing Rational Comprehension".

After the canonical intro, 'Unsettled Seed Of Existence' explodes in its most total heaviness and brutality. Heavy riffs and a really pounding rhythm section. The growl mixed with expertly dosed doses of screaming offers us a very close-knit ensemble. The compositions are very well articulated and the EP sounds really good from all points of view. It seems somewhat simplistic to define Neuropsy as a simple death metal band. Multiple influences are contained in these 22 minutes of extreme music that the Portuguese quartet has decided to offer us. Here we have death metal, technical death (especially in the wonderful 'A Clockwork To Dementia') with some references very dear to me to the scene that includes bands like Carnifex and company.

The following 'Needle Thrusted Sanity' returns to hit our ears heavily, pushing each member of the band to the limit again, albeit interspersing the hardest moments with so slow but terribly heavy phrasing to which it is impossible not to dedicate a furious headbanging.

'At The Verge Of The Mirror' brings us back to reality, slightly mitigating the fury of the band which, however, does not allow itself to be stung and returns to reap victims. 'Mutated Humans' closes this interesting EP that I highly recommend to everyone. From the Analpsy fans to the Carnifex and early Suicide Silence fans. Pleasantly impressed with this band. We will certainly hear more about it. Great.

5 / 5 STARS

1. Breakpoint
2. Unsettled Seed Of Existence
3. A Clockwork To Dementia
4. Needle Thrusted Sanity
5. At The Verge Of The Mirror
6. Mutated Humans