Nihilo - Resolution

"Resolution" is the fourth official album by Swiss Nihilo, a death metal band active since 2003.

We move on old school territories that are very reminiscent of the Northern European scene, but also the American one. Suffice it to say that in the title track we find Chris Monroy from the seminal Skeletal Remains as guest vocal. 11 songs to enclose in just over half an hour, all the anger that the band has decided to pour out on this album. Death metal, rhythmic and direct, as if to slowly penetrate our ears and then go straight quickly towards the brain.

In my opinion we see the best of this album in the second part of the cd starting from 'Submerged' which pushes the accelerator right from the start, thanks also to an excellent drum work that is always present and heavy at the right point along the whole course of this work. Many thrash influences make their way into each piece but surely 'Nothing To Lose' is the most striking example.

Good work in general, but that something or that pinch of diversity is missing that would have certainly brought benefit or simply a different vision of the whole project. "Resolution" is an album that must be listened to, understood and simply loved. Certainly for all fans of the genre but also highly recommended for those who simply want to listen to genuine and direct work.

3.5 / 5 STARS 

1. End Of An Era
2. Deliverance From Death
3. Abysmal Pain
4. Chaos Within
5. Morbid Existence
6. No Fire Zone
7. Submerged
8. Nothing To Lose
9. A Worthless Act
10. For The Greater Good
11. Resolution