Oratory - Inner Pyre

Not much can be said for Australia’s 4 piece groove sludge outfit Oratory, save that their debut EP is a pretty standard piece of old school work. “Inner Pyre” is pretty quick as it barely clocks 10 minutes but features lots of anthemic gritty tracks that seem to balance between groove and death metal. While the sludge elements are present, they seem buried and just not quite bubbled up to the surface enough for fans to enjoy. Tracks like ‘Capitulation Genuflect’ has the harsh atmosphere of Gatecreeper but the thrashy, biting attitude of Hatebreed. ‘Inner Pyre’ is certainly more thrash than sludge with groove touches, but those who are looking for more the stoner/ sludge route in the vein of the likes of Crowbar will probably not quite find this as enjoyable, as it sounds more like a bit crust punk in the vein of mid era Dark Throne. Very catchy, but also a bit repetitive as well. The closing ‘It Takes A Toll’ slows things finally down with some darker melodies that will suit sludge fans proud, but the overall faster pace of the music sounds a bit ‘less grimy’ than it should.

Overall, this is a hard listen to judge. While there are so many titans out there that set the standard, Oratory seem to be going in quite a few directions, forging out their own sound, but uncertain on where to go. They try to avoid the usual tropes of what those have done before by touching on many different genres, but at the same time create an EP that makes listeners unsure of what they are. Are they old school death meatl? Thrash? Groove? Perhaps with more time and refinement these guys will finally break the mold and create an old school raw masterpiece that can be appreciated by any average metalhead, rather than just a select few.

2.5 / 5 STARS

1. Capitulation Genuflect
2. Inner Pyre
3. It Takes A Toll

Self released
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Aug 8, 2022

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