Perdition Temple - Merciless Upheaval

Who can hear this and not want to write a bit about it? It has balls-out intensity. Gene from Angelcorpse that led the way for that band. He smokes on here with a somewhat raw production sound but good death/black metal. I've found the whole album to be interesting in terms of the sound and Gene's vocals slay! This is sort of a modern Angelcorpse if there was one. I don't hear any mistakes or forced vocals. Everything seems to be in tandem with everything else. These guys have some balls-out intensity. And the lead guitar is wicked as is, no need to change that as well.

It's weird though that it's 4 original songs and 4 cover songs. They were all well played out. The vocals go well with the guitar. These guys seem to progress on each succeeding release. And the sound is wicked, I love this type of production. It has you keyed into every song. Fast and furious yet instances of mild playing, but not much. They are fierce with these songs and impeccable covers. I especially like 'Blood On My Hands' from Morbid Angel's "Covenant" album. It was immaculate! Sounded just like the original. Their own songs too sound really amazing. Sucks that this album is only 33+ minutes.

Like I said about the sound quality, it's great! The production is justifiable. They don't fall short of the game of immaculate musicianship. These guys have stayed around and Gene post Angelcorpse. From my understanding, these guys are in multiple bands. Gene is pretty cool as a person and seems to respect his fans the way his fans respect the band. He returns messages not that they're musicians with much idle time but he reached out which was surprising. This raises my respect for the band. And I do my best to make sure that these underground bands get the press that they so deserve.

I bought this album on CD from Hells Headbangers. But you can find it streaming. What an onslaught! These guys know what the hell their doing and it shows on the outcome of this LP. They really sound great but not overly polished. A release to chalk up another in the Perdition Temple discography. But they need a bigger fan-base. I'm sure death/black or just metal fans can appreciate this. The guitars and vocals are my favorite parts of the album. They just annihilated this time around, yet again! I really hope that they have a long life to this band. They have so much talent and resilience. Check them out! 

4.5 / 5 STARS

1. Merciless Upheaval
2. Execution Swarm
3. Redemption Abattoir
4. In Thrall of Malevolence
5. Skeletons in the Closet (cover Infernäl Mäjesty)
6. From the Stars, Nyarlathotep (cover Shub Niggurath)
7. Blood on My Hands (cover Morbid Angel)
8. Parricide (cover Pestilence)