Perveration - Putrefaction Of Infinite Apogee

Trudging and marching through the sludgy murkiness that brutal death metal can sometimes become is the band Perveration with their album entitled “Putrefaction Of Infinite Apogee”. Right from the start this is one mean intense mess of an album, and that’s not a bad thing either. At times things will get extremely slow, like trying to walk through a swamp after a 12-hour rain, and other times it will be like a tornado destroying everything in its path. The guitar tone is absolutely killer. It’s not like what you would find in most bands, but rather they are tuned down twice as low and that sets the mood for what you are about to aurally endure. What it sounds like to me is that the guitars are tuned down to so much of a grinding and merciless level. You just don’t find a tone like this every day. The drums are equally brutal and there is definitely a technical element here as the time changes and the double bass are insanely good. There is a hint of rawness in the overall sound of the drums, and it adds a great horrific finality to the message the band brings. They only get more proficient in their nastiness the more they add to it. The rumbling of the bass fills in nicely with the guitars and creates nothing short of a musical conjuration of the most brutal order. Finally, when you add the vocals, the infection is complete. An infection so deep you can feel it to your soul. So deep, no words of righteousness can set it right.

You have opened your ears and hearts to the massive infectious blasphemy that it Perveration and, the thing is, you’ll welcome it into every fiber of your being. That's how good this is. Try to imagine “Tomb of the Mutilated “ era Cannibal Corpse playing Suffocation songs with “Legion” tuned instruments from Deicide. I must admit, I thought this was going to be one of those run-of-the-mill type bands, but thankfully I was wrong. Part of what makes this band so menacing is that they are a duo. Only 2 guys making this colossal sound! One guy doing the instruments and the other handling the vocals and lyrics. The result of their collaboration as a band is nothing short of amazing and of high quality that will, no doubt, stand the test of time. This is just sickening, demented, and twisted. Can't wait to see what they do next. Contact the band or Comatose Music for more info on this release.

4 / 5 STARS

1. Bacterium Decomposition
2. Consuming Maggots Seeds
3. Eviscerated Innards
4. Festering Throat
5. Damaging Excrement
6. Infernal Apogee
7. Necrocannibalism
8. Chaotic Spreading
9. Devouring Voraciously
10. Abominable Dismembered