Phalloplasty - 27 Club

It is 2022 and five years since this disgusting pile of pus called Phalloplasty released a full length. Four years if we take into consideration their split with Slamophiliac of 2018. Mr Zack Shaw doesn’t seem to have the intention of leaving our poor eardrums at ease. And why should he do that? Inspiration seems to be streaming endlessly through his distorted brain cells and this translates into this new release with the title “27 Club”. 

The blastbeatin start gives its place to heavy slam chops. Bulldozer heavy slam chops, followed by an ungodly guttural sewer cursing at all directions lyrics bout love and mankind prosperity (NOOOT!!!). Sharp and heavy guitar riffs focusing on the groove of the matter and a fat and thick bass that follows along, creating a wall of sound huge and threatening. Songs proceed and the heaviness of “27 Club” swallows you. 

Although on the slam side, Zack didn’t hesitate to add some swirling, brutal death metal riffs every once in a while making the outcome even more interesting. Riffs that tend to take the dullness of monotonous chops away before they throw you back into chops again. Of course all the above are held together by an exquisite drumming. Holding a special place in the mix, it sometimes goes rabid blasting and others just double bass on hyper speed but it always aims on bringing out the best of each riff. Technical but not blabberish, it keeps the ferocity to the red zone. 10 songs in under 35 minutes. It is rather obvious that we’re talking bout tracks lasting 2:30 minutes in average, succeeding one another in a tremendous pace. 'Violent Asphyxiation', 'Ventricular Collapse', 'Arterial Corrosion' and 'Ocular Disjointment' are only some of the ones you’ll see yourself pushing the repeat button on. 

Production of course is heavy and tight. A little cleaner than it should, to my ears but this is just me trying to find a flaw. “27 club” is flawless for the fans of the genre. Won’t change your world for sure but damn it if you find yourself listening to something again and again it means that there’s something going on here right? Fans of the genre should already be on the haunt for their natural copy of it. For the rest of the brutal deathsters, dig in mofos. Phalloplasty have created a nightmare here. Join in. Scepticals and purists just stay the fuck away!

5 / 5 STARS

1. Embedded With Buckshot
2. Ventricular Collapse
3. Internal Liquefaction
4. Pulmonary Chrystalization
5. Violent Asphyxiation
6. Dissolving Cartilage
7. Severe Intestinal Rupture
8. Ocular Disjointment
9. Arterial Corrosion
10. Death By Misadventure