Rejoice In Moribund - Equality Through Obliteration

Rejoice In Moribund is one of those obscure bands that don’t really have
a lot of information on them out there. Metal Archives cites a Rejoice
In Moribund from the Netherlands that split in 2010 that performed
funeral doom, which is exactly what this music is, this is a revival of
the project after so many years with a new promo/demo in 2021.

Listeners get 2 tracks here in standard funeral doom fashion- long,
thick, plodding sounds with a thick swirling abrasive muck of vocals,
guitars, and percussive drums. The adding of funeral organ to a track
like ‘Behind The Plutonium…’ adds a lot more depth to the music
especially with the marching tone of the drums which offsets that thick,
doomy riffs that dominates most of the 18 minute track. Definitely in
the vein of a group like Helllight if we don’t include any clean vocals.
The vocals are thick deep growls or more of the typical high pitched
shrieks heard in black metal, much like Xasthur, but not as murky. It is
a lot to swallow for the average doom metal listener so those who are
not used to such epic proportions might end up quitting halfway through,
but it is worth the ride just to get to the organ part right around

‘Equality Through Obliteration’ is more the straightforward funeral doom
akin to groups like Catacombs. Very long drawn out riffs that are a bit
murkier with a simple pace and tone. Very stripped down and basic for
funeral doom. It may get a bit repetitive and boring compared to the
previous track, bit aside from the horns added in the background and the
acoustic break down interlude, this is pretty much the bread and butter
for a funeral doom track.

Unfortunately there is not much more to go on but from just these two it
definitely sounds like Rejoice In Moribund is going for more of a
funeral symphonic doom direction with some progressive elements, so
those who are fans of the genre will definitely enjoy this. It isn’t for
everyone with the lengthy tracks and fuzzy sound, but those who like
deep contemplative music that sounds more atmospheric than the average
doom band will be right at home with Rejoice In Moribund.

1. Equality Through Obliteration
2. Behind The Plutonium Mists A Brighter Future Shines