Revolting - Dreadful Pleasures

Revolting is one of the million bands of the ever prolific Swedish death metal monster Rogga Johansson. The band was created in 2008 and released its debut album "Dreadful Pleasures" in 2009 via Razorback records. In 2022, the Dutch label Doc Records re-release this record on vinyl. The vinyl contains original artwork and lyric insert. 

If you have ever listened to Revolting then you know what to expect - high qualitative old-school death metal in the best Swedish tradition. "Dreadful Pleasures" starts with the mid-tempo crusher 'Tenafly Viper' and from there on you can immerse yourself in the whirlwind of buzzsaw riffs, the rumbling bass of Grotesque Tobias and the galloping drums of Mutated Martin. 

The influences from legends like Entombed, Dismember and Grave are obvious but Revolting are not a mere copycat, Rogga is talented enough to add his own touch to the Swedish death metal template.The production is also on a very good level and all the instruments can be clearly heard. The music is not something ├╝ber technical but the energy and the passion is there which is the most important thing for an extreme metal album in my book. 

"Dreadful Pleasures" is the remarkable debut of a remarkable band so if you still haven't listened to this album then don't waste your time and support Revolting! 

4 / 5 STARS

1. Tenafly Viper
2. Terror Has No Shape
3. Overtaken By The Crawling
4. They're Not Human
5. Moonshine Mutation
6/ Video Vixen
7. Brainwaves Of Death
8. Sheetar The Bloodqueen
9. Dreadful Pleasures