Revolting - The Terror Threshold

"The Terror Threshold" is the second full-length album of Rogga Johansson's Revolting. Originally released in 2010 by Razorback records, now in 2022, the record is being re-released on a vinyl for the first time by the Dutch label Doc-Records. 

If you know Revolting (and Rogga's projects as a whole) you should know what to expect - nothing but a first class old-school death metal. Compared with the debut "Dreadful Pleasures", "The Terror Threshold" offers 17 (on the vinyl 9 tracks) crushing death metal tracks filled with aggressive riffs but also with some truly morbid melodic passages like in 'The Grip Of Death' or 'Harvest The Humans'. 

Despite their hilarious titles, tracks like 'Bloodthirsty Bitches' and 'Horror Hooker' can break your neck with their sonic rage. The instrumental 'Rise Of The Revolter' offers great melodic passages in the best Swedish death metal tradition and as a whole "The Terror Threshold" is a big step forward compared with the debut "Dreadful Pleasures" which was also a very good record. 

Despite Rogga, the other two monsters responsible for this album are Mutated Martin on drums and Grotesque Tobias on bass. If you need to listen to some really good, aggressive and at the same time melodic death metal from Sweden then this album is a must!

Doc-Records not only released this on vinyl but also on CD with the debut album "Dreadful Pleasures"!

5 / 5 STARS

1. Gulp The Blood...
2. The Grip Of Death
3. Grotesque Beyond Belief
4. Heads In The Fridge
5. Rise Of The Revolter
6. Harvest The Humans
7. Trigger The Trap
8. Bloodthirsty Bitches
9. Destructive Organism