Sacrofuck - Świ​ę​ta Krew

Second album by the Polish Sacrofuck titled “Święta Krew” (Holy blood), in January 2024, with the also Polish label Godz ov War Productions, which has a more than notable catalog of bands. The story of SACROFUCK begins in 2006 in Warsaw, with an angry grindcore style, during those times they released their demos and some Splits. In 2017 there was a line-up change in which only their singer and guitarist Paplakathor remained from the beginning, their sound evolved until it reached a brutal death metal with many aspects of grindcore, or a grindcore with many aspects of brutal death metal, without forgetting its origins and an aged flavor that recalls those early days of death/grind in which all styles were one, without so much label. They have managed to create their own sound with intensity, brutality and taking no prisoners. From their first album “Ekstaza upodlenia” and the following demo “Primitive fuck”, also with their first works, they have created a good foundation to lay their perfect formula of brutal death metal/Grindcore. We could say that it is the result of mixing Napalm Death, Terrorizer with Angel Corpse, Vital Remains, and of course the special Polish touch for death metal.

The titles of the songs and lyrics are in Polish so you will have to use the translator for those who do not know the language, but I can tell you that they are very interesting. It begins with “Wbijam gwoździe w twoje dłonie” (I'm driving nails into your hands), and it already gives us the impression that it is going to be an intense journey, in which ruthless riffs, sharp guitars and devastating drums come together. , with some quieter parts in the middle, but equally black, and with a quality solo. “Wieczna wojna”, (Eternal war), you can appreciate more the Polish touch, speed, forcefulness, destruction, that double bass drum is impressive, and the sharp main riff. “Trumna” (Coffin) a song with more hardcore parts, equally powerful, that part in the middle slow and dense, on the way to the pit. “Niech płynie krew” (Let the blood Flow), here we already have more grindcore influence, with a more thrash metal part in the middle. “Czarnego kozła śmierć” (black goat death), fast and powerful death metal, with some jump to grindcore, riffs more complex than they seem. “Brama snów” (the door of dreams), in this case they return to a more grindcore rhythm, although with very heavy death metal parts. “Zabij wszystkich których kochasz” (Kill everyone you love), also with more grindcore influences, furious riffs, accompanied by incessant drums, and good solo work. “Ból” (Pain), a song with a more hardcore touch at first, then takes on a more death and gloomy tone, prepared for dancing among the audience. “El Raval” has no translation, it is a neighborhood in Barcelona and the lyrics are about crimes that were committed there a long time ago, a violent death metal song with grindcore touches, reminiscent of the 90s, well. “Maska” (Mask), to close the album a good death metal song, violent and intense, without forgetting, of course, its grindcore air, it only gives us a break halfway through, which serves to gain strength to move forward and close this very good album.

As for sound, it is very well produced, everything can be heard perfectly and has enough power, recorded and mixed in several studios, they have given it the touch, the cover has been done by InvertedArt666. What would stand out most about this album is its intensity, a total non-stop, although it has certain rest areas along the way, even in those passages you can see how extreme you are walking, there are some songs with more grindcore load than others, and others with more death metal influence, but that is the band's proposal, I suppose they are getting closer to their goal, if not this. A recommended album for any lover of the extreme, without frills, well executed and outside of any fashion trend, this is extreme and that's it.

4.5 / 5 STARS

1. Wbijam Gwoździe W Twoje Dłonie
2. Wieczna Wojna
3. Trumna
4. Niech Płynie Krew
5. Czarnego Kozła Śmierć
6. Brama Snów
7. Zabij Wszystkich, Których Kochasz
8. Ból
9. El Raval
10. Maska

Reviewer: Vicente
May 27, 2024
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