Terrible Sickness - Flesh For The Insatiable

"Flesh For The Insatiable" is the third full length album from German based death metal/ grindcore outfit Terrible Sickness. Sticking to their usual formula these guys take a mix of Jungle Rot meets Unleashed for 11 tracks of fast, aggressive music with some groove in the mix. Tracks like 'Living Disembowelment' are the bread and butter for the band. Chugging riffs, barked vocals, and a bit of the overlaying distortion mixed with groove for fast to mid paced death metal led by drums that just thunder along. Other tracks like 'Crown Of Discreation' are a little slower and feature a bit more groove, but still pretty much follow the same formula.

It is this formula that somewhat gets "Flesh For The Insatiable" in trouble. With only 2 real speeds to go at, the album starts to sound a bit all the same halfway through. Tracks like 'Bloody Guts' try to add some darker melodies but with the drum rhythms that sound too much like what was heard on 'Living Disembowelment' tend to wear the ear out a bit. Thankfully there are tracks like 'Dethroned Immortality' that have a bit more of that thrashy stop n' go touch to them. While it may not be as brutal as some of the earlier tracks, the more melo death tinged Unleashed influences shine through. 'Voracious Persecutor' is also similar in its death thrash/ groove fashion.

There is a Defleshed cover of 'Feeding Fatal Fairies' that Terrible Sickness make their own with its biting tones, but like many tracks on the album it goes by very quickly. A lot of the tracks here are fast as none surpass the 4 minute mark- the right amount for an average death metal track in general. However, that is pretty much what "Flesh for the Insatiable" peddles towards: the average death metal listener. Those who are expecting more and grandiose efforts may need to look elsewhere. However, those who like just solid groove laden death metal will find Terrible Sickness just the cure their looking for.

3 / 5 STARS

1. Carnage
2. Living Disembowelment
3. Winds Of Extinction
4. Crown Of Discreation
5. Slaves To Decay
6. Bloody Guts
7. Dethroned Immortality
8. Revenge
9. Voracious Persecutor
10. Putrid Infection
11. Feeding Fatal Fairies (cover Defleshed)