The Chasm - The Scars Of A Lost Reflective Shadow

The Chasm was born back in 1992 after frontman Daniel Corchado left his previous band, which many of you will know, Mexican by the name Cenotaph. The musical path of the old band was going a bit narrow to the needs and desire to go in new directions of good old Daniel. Accompanied since the beginning by drummer Antonio Leòn, The Chasm arrive with this "The Scars Of A Lost Reflective Shadow" to their ninth official album. Putting down the coordinates to follow and treasuring a few too many mistakes made in previous works, The Chasm churns out an album in which the atmosphere emanating is pure controlled claustrophobia.

Influenced by sounds so dear to early Morbid Angel, Blood Incantation and the like, The Chasm build their sound by creating a vortex of annihilation from which it will be difficult to escape. Direct sound but at the same time studied and monitored. Imagine that you are in a slumber where your worst nightmare is about to manifest itself in the flesh. That's it! The Chasm come direct having fooled you with their killer riffs. Once you get into their mood you won't be able to get out.

A keen but empty sight is the song, after the intro, that opens this new effort by The Chasm. Tight rhythms. mid tempos and guitar phrasing that echoes a certain kind of melody and thrash/black reminiscences (Necrophobic?). Apart from just the intro and to another instrumental song, The Chasm return to pound the nail with an album sung, and in a very evocative way, by the newfound Corchado behind the microphone. Spectre of the arcane and An occult gift closely follow what was anticipated in the first song.

This album comes out in the end very "raw" and direct at times however almost cold. Obviously not in a negative sense but the production definitely did not help the final result. However, we are talking about subjective things. The most important fact is that The Chasm have released quite possibly their best album in a long time. Every best part of their past has been encapsulated here and allowed to evolve.
For those who already knew and followed the band, they will find in this new "The Scars Of A Lost Reflective Shadow" the consecration and rebirth of their band. For everyone else, a juicy hint and a new frontier to follow.

4 / 5 STARS

1. Return Of The End (The Ancient Spirit That Makes Me Aware)
2. A Keen But Empty Sight
3. Spectre Of The Arcane Cognition
4. An Occult Gift Responds
5. The Constellations Stagger
6. A Chronicle From The Parallel World
7. The Paths That Led To The Abysm
8. The Nightfall Ills With Deathly Symbols
9. The Funeral Cortege: Sepulchre: Final Flight Of The Hateful Raven/Portal To The Isolated Domain