Thou Shalt Not - Sanctuary Of The Vile

Thou Shalt Not aren't a new band - they exist since 2003 and were created by Don Wolff, guitarist of the US death metal legends Embalmer.

"Sanctuary Of The Vile" is their third EP and consists of six tracks of anti-christian death metal. Besides the guitars, Don Wolff is also responsible for the vocals on this release and is supported by Van McGhee on drums and Jesse Greenfeather on bass.

Thou Shalt Not remind me of Angelcorpse and their rabid aggression plus the harsh vocals. There is a definite Morbid Angel/Deicide/Immolation influence in tracks such as 'Cleansing The Decay With Blasphemy', 'Swine You Are' or 'The Hooded Once'.

There are plenty of dark and ominous guitar riffs that will satisfy every fan of the genre. Thou Shalt Not does not invent the wheel or offer something unheard of but it is obvious that they are good musicians and what they do they do it well. This is true underground music and if you need more items for your satanic death metal collection then check out "Sanctuary Of The Vile".

3 / 5 STARS

1. The Hooded Ones
2. Witches Among Us
3. Sanctuary Of The Vile
4. Will Of Infinite Strength
5. Cleansing The Decay With Blasphemy
6. Swine You Are