Tishina - Uvod

Tishina is a one-man melo death doom artist from Canada, though all the lyrics and the band name is done in Serbian. While many might think this is another crack at the rather infamous group Batushka, or something similar, the work done by Branislav Panic is certainly less atmospheric and black metal-ish. The music here is rather more straightforward melo death metal tinged with epic doom for a rather haunting listen, despite being so brief. The guitars are the big driving force here as they are right in the front, right off the bat with ‘Iz Mrtvog Ugla’ which comes off as more of a straightforward doom track, similar to Draconian but without the female vocals or symphonics. It is only when the guitar solos come in that one can really hear the melo death elements. Vocals are deep, roaring and throaty, but also seem a bit pushed into the back. There is some shroud of haze to the atmosphere, but it only really sinks in during the quiet moments, especially around the 3:40 mark of the track. ‘Dvne Crne Ruze’ picks up the pace a bit and shows off the more melodeath side with the riffs but keeps the wailing tone of the doom metal elements.

‘Uteha’ is a very quiet instrumental that could have just served as the opening to the next track; it feels more like a filler piece that could have been a little longer to showcase some of the quiet from Panic, but that is lost as ‘Jutro…’ charges its way in. Here though the music sounds a bit rawer with the guitars having more of that hissing touch to the riffs and overall a rather mid to slow paced doom metal feel. Lost of Paradise Lost melancholy to the riffs and solos, but overall a good balance of melo death which touches on much older Dark Tranquillity and a certainy ferocity to the vocals (they sound much better when pushed to the front or on par with the guitars). Finally there is the crawling doom opus of ‘Zaveg’ which sheds the melodeath elements again for just some good slow riffs with a few quiet moments, bellowed vocals, and just some good moments of melancholy. And then the album just ends. It feels more like an EP rather than a full length album, but those who like mid to slow paced doom tinged with melo death will find the music much appreciated. Tishina doesn’t quite bring anything new to the table for fans to go ‘wow’ about, but “Uvod” is a solid first effort that shows lots of promise and the potential for expansion on sound if Panic decides to take the melo death elements further and make it more than just another grim death doom album.

3 / 5 STARS

1. Iz Mrtvog Ugla
2. Dvne Crne Ruze
3. Uteha
4. Jutro Poslednjeg Dana
5. Zaveg