Tortured - Genetically Engineered Monstrosity

Tortured’s “Genetically Engineered Monstrosity” sets forth to pave a path of glorious destruction for all who invite the temptation of this sonic annihilation. This may not be all that old school sounding but will take you back to those days when brutal death metal was fresh and new. There are the constant death metal vibes that collide with the semi-technical influences; and the result is nothing short of a menacing attack on one’s sanity. The riffage is built upon a strong foundation and is reminiscent of the styles you would find from Dehumanized, Thy Art is Murder, and newer Cannibal Corpse. There are several others, these are just the ones that came to mind first. Even though there are these similarities, they find a way to make their own sound and their own brand, so to speak. This could be contributed to their near flawless fluency throughout this album. Uscar has a deep-rooted proficiency on the guitar, and it goes from one end of the death metal spectrum to the other. In a genre where some elements might seem limited, this is not the case with Uscar and his instrument of choice. Sharp and precise, and not many come close to this level of ability. His level of ability and passion for this genre commands respect.

Frank’s drumming abilities are top notch as well. From blast beats to drum rolls and everything in between, this guy can handle whatever you throw at him. The continuity with the rest of the band is superb, and the finished product should speak for itself. This guy rates right up there with the likes of Chris Reifert (Autopsy) and Fred Estby (Dismember). Bass duties are handled by Alex, and he is just as fluent and competent as his bandmates. His rumblings on this recording add a certain element of horror and doom. You know, kind of like that ghost that is lurking back in the shadows of a dark room. You know it’s there, but it won’t come out. It teases you with its groaning and vile movements but does not make a full appearance. This effect works so well for this matereial and is such a great element of playing. We top things off with Flo on vocals. Flo splits forth a great mixture of low to mid-level growls throughout the entire album. Nothing boring here. I preferred the mid-level growls, but it was a great vocal performance all the way through. Highly recommended if you are a fan of brutal death metal or death metal in general. Contact the band or Comatose Music for more information on this slab of metallic awesomeness.

5 / 5 STARS

1. Bathing In Pus
2. Raised By Punishment
3. Human Bait
4. Mushed Up
5. Genetically Engineered Monstrosity
6. Barbaric Impalement
7. Boiled To Death
8. Devouring What's Left Of You
9. Gruesome Chastisement