Vayron - Demo 2022

Very little is known about Vayron save that they are from France and the members are from the likes of the groups such as Silure and Unanswered. A 4 piece rooted in the more late 90s Death Metal style, “Demo 2022” is a very quick but engaging work. It’s a mix of Immolation meets Deicide especially when hearing a track like ‘Dirty,’ which has the vicious vocal and drum approach but also that power saw whine to the riffs that has some sort of melody intact.

It isn’t anything new to death metal but sounds solid and well produced. Vocals are not quite as guttural as say for the slam death genre, but still strong on the low end versus the mid level rasp or snarl, and there are even a few tech death moments such as on ‘Power’ which has a freight train of a drum assault on it, but the riffs are still Deicide based with their level of groove and it isn’t until the guitar solo when you get that jarring whine that sounds close to something like Beyond Creation.

For those just looking for that blast beat driven jackhammer of a track with low vocals, ‘Fanatic’ is the track to hear. Overall, whether brutal or technical, the music is good. Sadly there isn’t more of it here but this ‘preview’ is a good indication that Vayron are going to be pretty aggressive in their rise and just stomp their way along as time progresses once they get a full length album under their belt. Expect uncompromising Death Metal without interludes, soft moments, or anything that would give pause in a mosh pit.

3.5 / 5 STARS

1. Fanatic
2. Drunk
3. Power
4. Dirty