Verloren Vertellingen - Hellevaerder/Duindwaler/Schavot/Asgrauw

Splits are like samplers in metal, and it is rare that a split is done between more than 2 artists. But, Zwaertgevegt Records have unleashed a sort of sampler from various Netherland based Black Metal artists to showcase their talents with 2 tracks each, giving as much of a variety as they can. At their core, the music is more rooted in that old school 90s Black Metal sound with some variation, bordering ‘kvlt’ but not quite there. Think more along the lines overall of very early Cradle Of Filth meets Watain for a sense of raw but also majestic. Some of the artists here are fresh like Duindwaler who started in 2021, and others are more seasoned like Asgrauw have been around since 2010, but all of these artists are relatively unknown and deserve some spotlight for their talents.

The first 2 tracks are from Hellevaeder- a group who started in 2017 with 1 full length under their belt. Notable for their female vocalist who bellows and snarls with the ferocity of a band like 13 Winters, the music here is raw and rooted into the more ‘kvlt’ style with minimalistic approach letting the guitars carry most of the weight. The music hits hard with some melodic elements but expect less of a gothic approach here and more of a less symphonic Emperor approach. There are some backing cleans to support the snarls so that adds some depth, but those who like harsher music will enjoy this group very much.

Duindwaler is up next- a solo act- that is very similar to the sound of Hellevaeder, but less melodic and more sheer fury, especially from the vocal tones. Mainmain Daan shreds and bellows with the ferocity of Marduk and again a less gothic or atmospheric approach while the drums (sadly fazed out a little bit) plod along trying to keep up, but again his tracks are mostly guitar focused as well. More old school enjoyment with a modern sound.

Schavot changes things up a bit by adding a wintery atmospheric touch to their music. A bit more gothic and symphonic, Floris has a little more Dimmu Borgir take on his project, so those who enjoyed Black Metal more around the early 2000s peak will find this enjoyable. There is a lot more melody here so the rawness isn’t quite present, so those who like a more kvlt approach will probably be turned off a bit, but this is still enjoyable; fans who liked older Lustre will find this appealing for the atmospheric tones of the guitar.

Floris is also part of the following band Asgrauw, which is comparable with its similar keyboard and guitar tones, but the music from Asgrauw almost has a bit of a Black n’ Roll touch to it with the groove added to it, but these moments are subtle and not quite as blatant as groups like Satyricon use. Some touches of mid era Primordial can be heard here too- especially in the vocals- which aim for more of a shouted approach versus the usual shriek. This group is probably going to be the highlight of split for its different sound compared to the others.

Overall, fans will be given just a taste, but each one will leave them wanting more. For some of the newer bands like Duindwaler or Schavot there isn’t much out there to listen to, but the split is a good promotion to get their sound heard. Those who like Asgrauw will find plenty of albums under their belt whereas Hellevaeder just as 1, but each should be worth checking out for Black Metal fans in general. Each group stays to their core raw sound without delving too much into 1 sub genre. While one may not get the grandiose atmosphere like from Cradle Of Filth or the chaotic dissonance of Deathspell Omega or the depressive wail from Xasthur, one can hear traces of it all here and there between this mix, so give this a shot if you like dissonant but taste Black Metal.
3 / 5 STARS

1. Hellevaerder - In Mijn Hand Werd Zij As
2. Hellevaerder - Als De Nacht Wederkeert
3. Duindwaler - De Zieleneter
4. Duindwaler - Alles Is Het Waard
5. Schavot – Pieël
6. Schavot - Waart oe!
7. Asgrauw - Óngeneu.jd
8. Asgrauw - Na.chtgra.ver