Vulnificus - Invocation

First official EP for Vulnificus, a band born just over a year ago and formed by the multi-instrumentalist Wilson Sherels and the singer Eston Browne (for the more attentive ex-singer of the progressive death metaller Gigan). 

"Invocation" is therefore the band's first official work to be released via New Standard Elite, 18 minutes of old school brutal death metal played without compromise. The 5 tracks that make up this EP can be listened to without giving anything new but overall I must say that, albeit for the short duration, it is a great start for this band. 

'The Viral Virus' intro catapults us into the darkest group of Vulnificus until the next 'Coerced Into Compliance' which has a truly terrifying mood. Very deep growls and guitars shot towards total chaos. 'Instrument Of Indiscrimination' starts in a more "reflective" but terribly heavy and unbridled headbanging way. Small interlude of drum & bass and you return to a telluric mid tempo.

Unfortunately too little to say about this band, except that it is, at least in my opinion, a very good start. We hope to hear something new over the long haul in the future.

3.5 / 5 STARS

1. The Viral Virus
2. Coerced Into Compliance
3. Instruments Of Indiscrimination
4. Instigated Indignation
5. The Incredulous Invocation