A Forest Of Stars - Opportunistic Thieves Of Spring

Second CD from this rather new but obscure sounding band from the UK. It's hard to define a genre but the basis is dark black metal and on top of that they throw in a lot of experimental layers with additional instruments like flutes, violins, keyboards, piano's & percussion.

Song tempos vary from mid to up tempo black metal with an obscure sound to doomy atmospheric parts sometimes also ending up in almost ambient intermezzo's. The sound is dark, warm and bombastic which suits this style perfectly. So nothing modern or over-produced. Songs are quite long but well build around various themes with subtle moodchanges from raw atmospherical black metal to multi-layered melancholical doom metal. Vocals are mostly desperately haunting in between screaming and grunting and add an extra touch of insanity and torment to the songs. This band definetly has their own style and if you're into experimental and psychedelic sounding metal you should check this out.

1. Sorrow's Impetus
2. Raven's Eye View
3. Summertide's Approach
4. Summertide's Approach
5. Starfire's Memory
6. Delay's Progression
Transcendental Creations
Reviewer: Nydoom
Nov 16, 2010

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