A Future Corrupt - Decay

Having formed in 2011, upcoming deathcore mob A Future Corrupt from Buffalo, New York city have already began to build themselves quite a valid reputation. Not only building their fanbase locally, but literally globally - probably with the help of their debut music video for the EP title track 'Decay'.

Influenced by goliath names in the deathcore scene such as Carnifex, Veil Of Maya, and Chelsea Grin - It's easily noticeable throughout, without sounding too similar to these other artists. Intro track 'Devious Plague' is a brilliant warm-up of what's ahead for the EP. The sketchy build-up of a nightmarish news report soon erupts into a djent fulled guitar rage, followed by a thundering breakdown, shortly leading into 'Feed The Worms'. Vocalist Ethan Fingold has an incredible range throughout, consisting of the usual deathcore variety, the lows and the highs, sometimes even using mid-range screams. The vocals are sketchy, and memorable, but it's the guitarist's djent-like attributes that unite the track as a more easy listening experience, despite Ethan's ghoulish vocal abilities.

The EP is born of five tracks, two being instrumentals including my previous statement of the intro. However, the real highlight from the EP is the title track 'Decay'.  The very beginning of the song revives an almost Suicide Silence feel with a catchy guitar riff standing alone briefly, then erupting into the grooviest death metal growl. The high pitched screeches often resembled as 'Gremlin-core' from their fans is a real highlight for deathcore fans looking for something truly abnormal. Despite the vocals definitely being heavy as fuck, you can actually distinguish the lyrics throughout most of Ethan's variation. This track will become huge eventually, with the correct promotion.

Deathcore is a genre frowned upon by many, but A Future Corrupt really initiated a spark of love for it's genre on this EP. A spark that I haven't really found since Thirteen Bled Promises' debut album that dropped a year or so ago. With this EP being a gem amongst a thousand other core bands, it's a definite recommendation from me. And I look forward to new material, which most deathcore bands tend to grow apart from deathcore and go straight-up death metal, so it'd be interesting to see where A Future Corrupt's next steps take them in the big baddass metal world.



1. Devious Plague (Intro)
2. Feed The Worms
3. Reasons To React
4. Eradication (Interlude)
5. Decay
6. Captain America

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jul 19, 2013
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