A Gruesome Find - Ravens Of The Full Moon Eclipse

True Ohioan Bleath Metal is what AGF calls their music. Covered with corpsepaint and evil looking images. On this disc there are 5 songs that expected some unholy black metal but this is wrong. Although the vocals are a bit screamy the music is melodic and diverse. No typical BM hammering but well played songs which like said before melody. Not just fast forward but atmospheric parts in between. Because of this it makes it worth listening with a lot of attention. So are you looking for an energetic band try AGF. On the site there are also downloads of songs and video. Try them out!

1. Ravens of the full moon eclipse
2. Upon the throne of chaos
3. Slaughter of the lamb
4. Embedded path
5. Embodying the spirit of evil
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 20, 2002

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