A.O.K. - Kinderlieder Frei Ab 18

From Germany comes this punk/hardcore band that delivers a new records after 7 years. The songs are not taken serious. This you can find in the songtitles, artwork (decapitating Maja the Bee) and the tunes themselves. Using lot if fragments from others like Slayer, Death, Christmascarol, Tiroler Sexmovies and children cartoons. The lyrics are sung in German and therefor not understandable for much people but they will have there fans in the German speaking countries. Musically they jump around from different styles, tempos and rhythms. It is fun to listen to (but for how many times?) and see what you can recongnize.

1. Gartenzwerg des todes
2. Adelbert
3. Butzemannslayer
4. Der knuppel aus dem sack 2003
5. Superstars
6. Geht der peter nusse schutteln
7. The small bitchbock
8. Volxmusik furn arsch
9. Scream bloody tor 2003
10. Wischmob
11. Brutalo kasper
12. SM hanschen
13. Marilyn mannchen
14. Brombeerhagel 2003
15. R.E.T.
16. Fasching in hanua (2000x schneller)
17. Keiner lacht ohne hoden
18. Funf gegen einen
19. Mir scheint die sonne aus dem arsch
Locomotive Music
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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