A Split Worse Than Death - Split

“A Split Worse Than Death” contains five extreme Metal bands from the UK who present listeners with intense Grindcore and face pounding Death Metal. The bands as listed: Foetal Juice, Basement Torture Killings, Decimation, Nailed, and Zombified demonstrate unbelievable extreme metal talent on this EP. I am overwhelmed by the pure brutal sounding distorted Death Metal/ Grindcore riffs and lightening fast blast beats. Not one band hogs the spotlight on this album and the level of consistency from these extreme UK Metal bands is sublime.

Foetal Juice starts off with a more Grindcore based sound that can be heard on the humorously named track, “Twisted Fister.” The guitar riffs have a certain heavy groove to them and explode with intensity when the singer comes in. Low demonic like growling vocals give Foetal Juiceʼs songs a gruesome overall sound. Their music is a volatile Grindcore explosion and on the song “Reel Big Fetus” the music attacks from all different directions. Heavy grinding rhythms that maintain a fierce energy make Foetal Juice the perfect band to star to off an extreme Metal split.

Most Grindcore/ Death Metal bands like to sing about murderers and mass violence. Basement Torture Killings is definitely one of those bands whose lyrics are extremely explicit which compliments their extreme playing style. Their guitar riffs are quick chord slashing bursts of brutality and evolve musically on each track. My favorite song from Basement Torture Killings is “24 Hour Convenience Store Beheading.” This song is a short awesome head banging explosion that features a newscaster talking about a woman being beheaded. As I said before, these guys are explicit and do not hold back with their lyrical themes.

The next group Decimation offers four equally intense extreme metal tracks. Decimation is rather consent with their intense technical Grindcore/ Death Metal style. The songs from these guys exemplify high quality metal musicianship which deserves praise. Amazing lead guitar playing stands out on songs like “Revulsion” and “Expelled to the Furnace.” Vocally Decimationʼs singer sounds great for the style of music that this band plays and adds to the ultimate death crushing sound.

Out of all the bands on this spilt Nailed seemed to be the band experimenting to create a more extreme technical sound. Nailedʼs technical insanity goes on for four hell shattering songs. Fierce growls soar over the musical mayhem. The drumming from this group is unbelievable. I swear Nailedʼs drummer is a robot because he plays extremely fast, but never seems to ease off the accelerator. Highly recommend the song “Neuro Linguistic Programming.” This mind twisting heavy masterpiece tears off in numerous directions displaying Nailedʼs great technical talents.

Zombified is the band who finishes off the split with a slower sludgy Grindcore Death Metal mix. The first song from these guys “Of Sadist and Surgeon” begins at a slow earth crushing pace and intensifies towards the end. Zombifiedʼs vocalist has a real heavy growl which makes for a dark brutal sounding lyrical presentation. Awesome band name that fits the low tuned brutal sounding music from these UK metal guys.

After listening to the whole album I can see why it is called, “A Split Worse than Death.” All the bands equally contribute to the Death Grind driven theme of this album and it shows the tremendous talent coming out of the UK extreme metal scene. I personally can only handle small doses of brutal sounding metal music and a twenty- one song split can become a bit redundant after a while. If you are crazy about extreme brutal sounding music go ahead and definitely check this album out. I know there are plenty of extreme metal fans who will enjoy the endless brutality and probably become deaf in the future from all the loud intense music that they listen to everyday.

Foetal Juice
1. Introjuce
2. Colostomy Baguette
3. Reel Big Fetus
4. Revolt
5. Twisted Fister

Basement Torture Killings
6. Tapestry Of Putrid Genitalia
7. Dr Eugenes Smile
8. 24 Hour Convenience Store Beheading
9. Broken Glass And An Underpass
10. The White Chapel Murders

11. Honour Killing
12. The Proliferation
13. Revulsion
14. Expelled To The Furnace

15. Of Sadist And Surgeon
16. Circle Of Parasites
17. Immolation Race

18. The Spire Of Sins
19. Devoid Of Humanity
20. A Bane Upon The Eyes
21. Neuro Linguistic Programming