Abaddon Incarnate - Dark Crusade

New disc from these grinders from Ireland. And like on their previous album ''Nadir'' thye just play everything high. High volume and high speed. Brutal death metal styled vocals with the grinding screams in the back, razor sharp guitars and solid massive drums. The songs are short but have to power to destroy. High speed but with melody lines and tempo changes. Before you know you are totally into this album and after 32 minutes you just play this album once again. Again produced by Mieszko (Nasum). Grind quality.

1. Centerfold redemption
2. Dead again
3. A kandarian odyssey
4. Carrion caresses
5. Self portrait of hatred
6. 1756
7. Terminate my battery
8. Embrace the vicious
9. Meat
10. Philosophy of the elite
11. Entrusted with disgust
12. Now below
13. He sells agony
14. Eternal solitude forbidden
15. Global bastardisation
16. Hour of the dog
Xtreem Music
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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