Abaddon Incarnate - Nadir

This band comes from Ireland and maybe the most known grindband. On this album there are 24 songs that rage from the beginning till the end. Brutal vocals battleing with the screams over a distorted guitar and pounding drums. The songs are short in playing timebut with large lyrics. Try to follow them and you will discover the melodies in the songs. The album is engineered by Mieszko from Nasum so another plusoint. Just listen to it yourself!


1. I Will Nail You In
2. False?
3. They Use Dark Forces
4. Unclean
5. Aeons Of Our Dying
6. Throne Of The Whore
7. Funeral Procession
8. Traumatic Stress Solution
9. Hunger Allowed No Choice
10. Transgressor
11. Victory Or Annihilation
12. Scene Of The Crime
13. Progeny
14. Where's My Axe?
15. Come Onto Me
16. She Hates With A Marble Heart
17. Seditious Thoughts, Part 1
18. Seditious Thoughts, Part 2
19. Judgement Was Passed Before I Was Born
20. Hamunaptra (City Of The Dead)
21. Bonebag
22. ...And Then The World Bleeds
23. Pogrom
24. Rot
Sentinel Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jul 30, 2002

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