Abandoned - Thrash Notes

Being called as a thrash band from Germany you expect thrash in the vein of Destruction, Kreator, Tankard etc but Abandoned is playing Bay Area style. After listening this disc a few times the things I remember most are: the nice guitarsleads, standard thrash drums, bad vocals, tempo changes, melody. The vocals are most annoying to me as it doesn't fit thise type of metal, it has no power at all. For the rest it is a standard thrash album and nothing special unfortunately. All has been done before and much better.

1. The Oncoming Storm
2. Return To One
3. Take The Spell
4. Holy Terror
5. Breed Machine
6. Phoenix Rise
7. Pay The Dues
8. Demonic
9. Hell Is Home
10. You're Going Down!
11. Nightmares
Dockyard 1
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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