Abandonment - Focused To Imminent Desolation

From Spain here is another project by the good Oscar Company, a musician who has played in at least a dozen bands including Catastrophic Evolution, Encephalic, With All My Hate and ex Reincarnation!

"Focused To Imminent Desolation" is the first full length under the name Abandonment and does not differ much from previous releases. 11 tracks of brutal death metal shot at lightning speed with guttural voices and syncopated tempos with the drum machine always in evidence. Currently perhaps one of the most brutal releases of this 2021. 'And You Will Rot In It' highlights the best of this combo of musicians.

Bloody intros open up another deadly song like 'A Convulsed Empire'. Here we play in 46 minutes a good dose of brutal death / slam which in the long run, however, distracts the listener a little. Mostly repetitive songs with nothing to add to what has already been heard previously. There are several interesting ideas but in my opinion they could have been dosed in a better way and in fewer songs so as to focus more on quality than quantity. Album to be listened to several times and especially intended for fans of the genre. However, it remains a good job.

3 / 5 STARS

1. Symbolic Defeats
2. Falsehood And Anguish
3. Imperious Destruction
4. Fall Of A Martyr
5. And You Will Rot In It
6. A Convulsed Empire
7. Heartless Souls
8. Blood Orgy
9. Echoes Of The Past
10. Obligatorily Deleted
11. Abolish