Abantesma - The Plague Against Them

If you say Brazil and death metal you know it will fit like a glove. Abantesma is no exeption to the rule and play that typical Brazilian brutal death metal. Fast paced songs with breaks with gutteral vocals who is morer narrating than singing. Drums are playing that marching patterns and cause that finger tapping while listening. But most of all the guitarrs are playing some wicked riffs and nice leads. That is what I like about Brazilian death metal. This EP is self financed and therefor the sound quality is not superb but you can hear ad feel the dark fear they are spreading. They have an extra guitarist and I hope they continue this plague!!

1. Intro
2. Plague From The Craddle
3. Premature Death
4. Alluring Suicide
5. Vanquish
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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