Abdicate - Relinquish The Throne

Abdicate is a New York-based brutal death metal band, formed by members of Salt This Earth, V.I.S.P. and other outfits. As their freshman outing Relinquish The Throne makes for a lasting first impression. Experiencing the thrashing, blasting heaviness they offer here is equivalent to having large quantities of sulfuric acid poured on your prone body as you’re tied to a bed. The gritty qualities of the guitars and vocals along with the relentless percussion often reminded me of Usurper. Thanks to the Internet Abdicate should effortlessly transcend the diminished number of clubs in their local area.

1. Forged In Ruin
2. Expell The Zealot
3. Argument Of Kings
4. The Consequence
5. Conflicting Nomadicy
6. Cleansing The Soul
7. Onset Impurity
8. Relinquish The Throne
Sevared Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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