Abiura - Nursery Rhymes For The Unborn

Debut MCD from this obscure death metal band from Italy. After playing coversongs for rehearsal they tried, after numerous memberchanges, to make the songs of their own. On this MCD there a four songs which prove some good ideas to work for the future. I like the song "What I'll Never See" the most because of the spoken words in it. The songs are short of time but have a lot of interesting items in it. Changes of tempo, double bass loops, guitarleads and aggressive vocals. I think this band can come up with some great full length. Also on this MCD there is a videotrack of the song "Link Of The Chain".

1. Link Of The Chain
2. Nel Nome Del Padre
3. Just An Experiment
4. What I'll Never See
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Dec 4, 2002

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