Abominable Putridity - In The End of Human Existence

I almost can smell the flesh! Yeah I can, why not? It tastes delicious when I sink my teeth into the fresh meat, HA, HA, HA.

This feeling makes me grunting, growling, like these four (maybe five) Moscows zombies coming from your worst nighmare. If someone tells you, these guys are from Russia, you say "What the fuck?" because you can assert absolutely that these monsters coming from the gory USA territory, because of this fucking slam groovy death metal they play.
Don't expect something new, but more brutality than ever fucking arose from this freezing land (Russia, I mean, I never expected this good stuff from there). Deeds Of Flesh meets Devourment meets all this sickness shit. But the fact is that this band, has something that catch you in the first listening session, cos it is not a clone of Devourment and all this TX brutalo bands, it is more an infernous mix of NYDM and TXDM, with the feeling of slam in every part of the album, heavy pounding mid tempos, grunting and pig growling vocals, catchy and dismemberent riffs, and all with great technical skills.

But one of the most important thing in this band, is the fucking “a la” WALL sound of the band, they create something like a big Murralla within it, and you can't escape. If you're fed up about all the clones that survive only copying the same riffs, the same blast beat, over and over, try to check out these guys from MOTHER RUSSIA and you will never be dissapointed, and remember WE STILL HUNGRY! YOUR FLESH IS WAITING TO BE EATEN...

1. Intracranial Parasite
2. Entrails Full Of Vermin
3. Blindfold Surgery
4. Skin Removal
5. Dissected From Withing
6. Throat Fisting Abortion
7. Intestinal Putrefaction
8. Victims Stuffed With Nails
9. Sphacelated Nerves
10. In The End Of Human Existence
Lacerated Enemy
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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