Abominant - Triumph Of The Kill

Abominant hails from the States and was formed in 1993. They released 2 demos and 6 albums over the years and now releasing album number 7. Abominant will never let you down with theur brutal death metal and so on this album you are beaten around the ears. Highly dosed tech guitar riffs with sharp leads in fast tempo songs. Vocals in a raw and deep throat style, not that gurgling sound but understandable grunts. But overall it is just brutal with the skills to make some outstanding and quality based songs. Very nice album for those who like it brutal with technical touches!

1. Preylude
2. Deathstruction
3. Fire & Sodomy
4. Of Night And Flame
5. Mask Of Sanity
6. Killing The Innocent
7. Blood Forever Blood
8. Triumph Of The Kill
9. Defiled
Deathgasm Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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