Abominant - Upon Black Horizons

Not a band that needs an introduction. Abominant plays aggressive death metal with some thrash influences. All played well because of their long career in the metal scene. This album clocks 9 songs that are heavy and has great guitarwork in riffs and leads. The songs keep you attracted of the different melodies and brutal voice. But I like the guitarleads the most. A wanna have for new and old fans.

1. The Quintessential Battle
2. Eroded Faith
3. Terror From Within
4. I Can Still See The Flames
5. Fight To Be Free (cover Nuclear Assault)
6. Plague Of Sores
7. Storm Of Iniquity
8. Through The Primordial Void
9. Upon Black Horizons
Deathgasm Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Sep 11, 2002

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