Abominattion - Doutrine Of False Martyr

Abominattion comes from brazil and they play...brutal death metal. No surprise but they are a suprise for me. Never heard of them but they already exist since 1994. I now it is a shame but therefor they get this positive review... Abominattion plays blasting, furious and aggressive death metal. Brutal vocals, raging guitars with the furious leads and ramming drums. Besides the roughness the songs are played with skills and precise and containg the melodic touches to avoid getting drowned. Great disc!

1. Purity in flames
2. Reigning in the impure blood
3. Doutrine of false martyr
4. Triumph of the impure ones
5. The unholy march
6. Fallen angel
7. Empire in blasphemy
8. Hateful divine creation
9. The emptiness of the flesh pt.2
10. Eternity’s defy (bonus)
11. Devastated world (bonus)
Animate Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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